Friday, May 21, 2010

The dates and locations for the ECOLI/MIGRAINE tour are as follows:

May 29th - Los Angeles. Wooley Blvd with Francis Harold and The Holograms, Le, Face, etc.

May 30th - Phoenix, AZ. Trevor House with Elders, Standards, etc.

June 1st - Denver, CO. Blast-o-Mat with Nerveskade, Crawl, etc.

June 2nd - St. Louis, MO. Fubar Lounge with Mind Eraser, Slang, Suburban Mash, etc.

June 3rd - Atlanta, GA. The Cat Cave.

June 4th - Tampa, FL. Unit 19 with Nazi Dust.

June 5th - Raleigh, NC. Kent House with Squall.

June 6th - Washington DC. Corpse Fortress with Broken Bodies, Mad World, No Minion.

June 7th - Pittsburgh, PA. Helter Shelter with Ming Eraser, Slang, Kim Phuc

June 10th - New York, NY. Johnson Ave. with Pollution, White Lung, Natural Law.

June 12th - Cincinatti, OH. CS13 with White Walls

June 13th - Chicago, IL. House with Manipulation, Vital Error

June 14th - Minneapolis, MN. House with Much Worse, Getting Even

June 15th - Winnipeg, Canada. House with Born Bad, Stillbirth.

June 17th - Seattle WA. Snakepit with Mondo Agro, Bone Sickness, White Ambassador

June 18th - Olympia, WA. House with Walls, White Wards, Scary Man

June 19th - Portland, OR. House with Nerveskade, Basement Animal.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Migraine is touring with Ecoli in June and this time, with a functional van, there is no chance of a failure to deliver.

However, we must first settle accounts in our own territory. Wednesday, May 19th we are playing a house show in Oakland at 324 Peralta street, 7pm.

Migraine is also once again collaborating with Ecoli on another musical venture. The corresponding recording will be released on Home Invasion records. That is all.