Saturday, November 7, 2009

The new Migraine EP "Weird Tales", out on Cowabunga, should be ready in time for the tour. Art by Dan Rossiter from Cult Ritual.

SNUFF FILM is the name of the Migraine/Ecoli collaboration band. It features all members of both bands playing together. A tape of it will be out on Drone Errant in time for the South/Midwest tour both bands are embarking upon. SNUFF FILM will play one show upon returning to the Bay Area, after that we will disband.

STAZI BOYS will be recording a demo tape and flexi in the near future. Stress Domain will be releasing it.

INFORMATION, the Migraine zine, distributed its first issue last night. It features reviews, interviews, and editorials from the perspective of the Vanguard Migraine.


  1. Will Snuff Film still be making it to Winnipeg?

  2. Unfortunately no. The snow has put a cap on how far North we can go. Some other time though most certainly!

  3. Shit. Will there still be some way of getting that tape?

  4. Email us your address and we'll send you one, or I'm sure you could order it off Drone Errant.