Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our new collaborative tape with Ecoli, "Delicacies of Consuming Flesh", is available for purchase from Home Invasion records. This tape is less dark and discordant and sees our bands paying homage to jazz and the creative potential of jazz as a genre. In taking elements of jazz and funk and incorporating them into the Ecoli/Migraine sound, we're attempting to show the similarities both historically and culturally between jazz and punk.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We have returned from our tour. All of our copies of the Weird Tales EP, the Cowabunga compilation, and the Tour Tape (The Corpse is Riding Shotgun) are sold out.
The tracks on the tape are rough and incompletely mixed songs which will appear on our next EP. The tape is circulating on the internet, but almost exclusively under the erroneous title "Corpses Riding Shotgun".
July 1st we are playing at Hazmat with IRON LUNG, SLICES, and IN DISGUST.
We will have t-shirts by the end of the summer, death to counter-revolution.