Saturday, March 27, 2010

The new Migraine EP, "Weird Tales", is available for purchase directly from us, through the same e-mail as the SNUFF FILM tape was:

The label is sold out of the limited versions on black, and the regular press is running low. We still have copies of both for purchase. This is what the limited version on black looks like. A 7'' is $7.50ppd in the US. For out of country, email for total.


Here is a download of the Weird Tales 7'' if you would like to try before you buy.


Feast or Famine

The Occurrence

Recurring Nightmare

Encroaching Darkness

FACE THE RAIL has acquired a reliable touring van and so a summer ECOLI/MIGRAINE tour is now imminent. ECOLI is doing the lion's share of the booking.

July 1st at Hazmat in Oakland, we're playing with IRON LUNG and SLICES.

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  1. Hay Hay Hay there... I do believe Recurring Nightmare was originally a COCKSNOT song