Friday, May 21, 2010

The dates and locations for the ECOLI/MIGRAINE tour are as follows:

May 29th - Los Angeles. Wooley Blvd with Francis Harold and The Holograms, Le, Face, etc.

May 30th - Phoenix, AZ. Trevor House with Elders, Standards, etc.

June 1st - Denver, CO. Blast-o-Mat with Nerveskade, Crawl, etc.

June 2nd - St. Louis, MO. Fubar Lounge with Mind Eraser, Slang, Suburban Mash, etc.

June 3rd - Atlanta, GA. The Cat Cave.

June 4th - Tampa, FL. Unit 19 with Nazi Dust.

June 5th - Raleigh, NC. Kent House with Squall.

June 6th - Washington DC. Corpse Fortress with Broken Bodies, Mad World, No Minion.

June 7th - Pittsburgh, PA. Helter Shelter with Ming Eraser, Slang, Kim Phuc

June 10th - New York, NY. Johnson Ave. with Pollution, White Lung, Natural Law.

June 12th - Cincinatti, OH. CS13 with White Walls

June 13th - Chicago, IL. House with Manipulation, Vital Error

June 14th - Minneapolis, MN. House with Much Worse, Getting Even

June 15th - Winnipeg, Canada. House with Born Bad, Stillbirth.

June 17th - Seattle WA. Snakepit with Mondo Agro, Bone Sickness, White Ambassador

June 18th - Olympia, WA. House with Walls, White Wards, Scary Man

June 19th - Portland, OR. House with Nerveskade, Basement Animal.

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