Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our new collaborative tape with Ecoli, "Delicacies of Consuming Flesh", is available for purchase from Home Invasion records. This tape is less dark and discordant and sees our bands paying homage to jazz and the creative potential of jazz as a genre. In taking elements of jazz and funk and incorporating them into the Ecoli/Migraine sound, we're attempting to show the similarities both historically and culturally between jazz and punk.


  1. i bought the tape when i went to your show in pittsburgh, and i dig it, but it only plays through one speaker...

  2. If that was our fault we sincerely apologize. What you have is one of the few we made ourselves - we didn't pick up the actual Home Invasion/Eradicate copies until Winnipeg. I'm sure there are no flaws with their product.